International cashback & online shopping plaza.

Consumers can join our cashback & online shopping platform for free. The advantage for members? They will be informed by our newsletter and website of the newest deals from our advertisers. Our members receive cashback from Qassa when participating or shopping at the websites of one of our 8.000 advertisers. Members can also be rewarded with cashback by for example signing up for a testdrive for a new car. Qassa is far more than only a cashback platform. We also provide our members webshop reviews, day deals, voucher codes, shopping suggestions and more. Qassa is continuously innovating her platform since 2000. Already millions of members joined Qassa in 8 countries. This makes us one of the leading cashback & online shopping plazas in the world.

Qassa is active in:

Netherlands 2000
Belgium, Flanders 2006
France 2009
Belgium, Wallonia 2010
Germany 2010

Some of our international partners:

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Qassa Group B.V.
Planetenveld 35
3893 GE Zeewolde
The Netherlands

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+31 36 535 9289