Ich habe eine Bestellung in einem Online-Shop über Qassa getätigt, aber ich habe (noch) keine Qoins erhalten. Was nun?

Transactions must always be approved by the advertiser before we can award the Qoins. This period can vary from a few weeks up to a few months. The status of the transactions that are recorded by Qassa can be found in your balance account. If the transaction is recorded, we ask for your patience. We monitor all our outstanding transactions on a regular basis. 


It is also possible that a transaction is not recorded. In general, we can indicate a few possible reasons which cause transactions not to be appointed to Qassa:

- The purchase is not done via the website of Qassa

- The purchase is eventually done via Qassa, but you didn’t login before clicking on the webshop

- Adblockers are activated by the browser. If an adblocker is activated, Qassa is unable to track your online purchases via Qassa. If Qassa can’t track your online purchase, we can’t reward Qoins. To earn Qoins on the Qassa platform, we recommend you to shutdown the adblocker for the Qassa website.

- Your shopping-cart was not empty before clicking via Qassa.

- During the purchase process you visited other websites, for example: Google, Voucher websites, other cashbacksites etc. 

- For the purchase of the product/ service an exclusive, personalized offer was used. For example, a special offer via e-mail, post, voucher, or any other.

- A voucher code was used which is not offered by Qassa.

- The purchase was done via an app of the webshop.

- The purchase was completed with the help of an employee from the webshop, via phone or chat.

- The cookies of the webshop were not accepted

- The general terms of the webshop were not respected. Any special terms can be found on the webshop detail page of the webshop.

- The order wasn’t completed within 60 minutes.

- The payment was not completed directly in the purchase process

- Products are returned or the order is completely cancelled.


Please note that no Qoins are rewarded for the purchase of vouchers.


If you are certain that all the above-mentioned requirements are met and that you should receive Qoins, please fill in the Cashback claim form.


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